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About Us

Mission Statement:

To assist the evolution of humanity by reconnecting all to the ONE source energy.

By unifying science and the worlds major religious and cultural beliefs Manley developed the unique mind coaching strategy known as the ONE philosophy. This philosophy has helped 100's of our Mind coaching clients to achieve their goals overcome issues and renew health and well-being. Founder and Author, Manley Connikie. Manley has spent over 20 years researching Science, Human Behaviour, Psychology, Religion and Abstract Information. Manley has also studied the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments at the worlds’ biggest independent financial consultancy in Malta and Dubai as well as being a graduate and member of Legacy Elite property investment network. The unique conclusions drawn from this wide range of study, delivers fresh new perspectives that have proven successful and transformational for client's time and time again. The ONE company’s life transformation strategies have been 100% successful as reported by surveyed clients that have implemented the tools, advice and mental exercises provided by our coaches. 

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Why Mind Coaching?

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