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Manifesting Success Stories

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4 Events that happened to me a month ago on vacation when I started to be more cognizant of synchronicities:

1) On my plane ride to Penang, Malaysia. I thought about my water bottle leaking in the overhead compartment and even opened my bag to check. I was a little stressed about it. 30 minutes later… A flight attendant found out the bag next to mine was leaking (not my bag.)

2) On 8/11/2022 I laughed at Eve’s (a friend of mine) pants ripping and during the Penang trip (8.19 to 8.24.2022)I realised my pants ripped at the exact same spot

3) I told my friend's gf on IG the seagulls she posted on her IG stories will poo on her and instead some birds in Penang pooed on me

4) Someone at my gym spilled alcohol spray everywhere and I laughed at her. About 40 minutes later, I spilled my chalk powder everywhere on the ground.

What you focus on expands!

Manley Connikie


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