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Coaching mental révolutionnaire

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Au fur et à mesure que votre esprit crée votre réalité, vous pouvez contrôler et changer chaque situation de votre vie !

Chaque session de Mind Coaching est différente et les méthodes de coaching et les informations contenues dans la session dépendront des objectifs et des problèmes spécifiques auxquels vous êtes confronté. Je commence rarement une séance de coaching avec un plan de quoi discuter, car le coaching consiste en grande partie à poser les bonnes questions, à écouter et à guider les clients vers les bons conseils. De plus, parfois, les clients ont des problèmes dont ils doivent discuter, alors avoir un plan pour la séance ne leur serait pas très utile. Cependant, comme beaucoup d'entre vous ont demandé plus d'informations sur ce qui est inclus dans mes sessions, vous trouverez ci-dessous un guide approximatif de ce à quoi s'attendre lors de vos 5 premières sessions révolutionnaires de coaching mental.  

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    As your Mind creates your reality, you can control and change every situation in your life! Each Mind Coaching session is different and the coaching methods and information contained within the session will be dependent upon the specific goals and issues that you're facing. I rarely begin a coaching session with a plan of what to discuss as much of coaching is asking the right questions, listening and guiding clients to the right advice. Also sometimes clients have issues that they need to discuss, so having a plan for the session wouldn't be very helpful to them. However, as so many of you have requested more information on what is including in my sessions, below is a rough guide of what to expect during your first 5 revolutionary mind coaching sessions. ​ Session 1. Discover a Hidden Power Within Yourself! During the first session I will assist you to discover a hidden power within yourself.This is done by self examination where I ask you a series of questions that causes you to discover a hidden power within yourself. Using your own memories and experiences to uncover information that leaves you in no doubt as to you power to create your life and manifest your dreams. This is designed to motivate and inspire you by using concrete scientific and psychological information (religious if preferred). You will then tell me about the goals or desires that you wish to achieve and any issues that you may be trying to overcome. As the self examination exercises leave you feeling inspired and confident. We will then detail a strategy of how this will be achieved using mind coaching over the coming weeks. ​ ​ Session 2. Managing Thoughts and Emotions The second Revolutionary Mind Coaching session I give you my revolutionary unique tools which are focused on managing thoughts. I lay out a set course of principles to abide by everyday in order to stave off negative thinking and develop a happier outlook. I follow up after the session by sending a short PDF. In article format which is an overview of everything discussed in the session and the tools that needed to be implemented each day. These tools can be used for as little as 30 minutes a day and will assist you in impressing the sub conscious mind with new and more beneficial habits and beliefs. I tailor all advice to suit you dependent upon religious/scientific background. ​ ​ Session 3. Revolutionary Manifestation Techniques I give you the unique 5 step manifestation process that has been developed by me and we work together to tailor these steps to suit your individual needs. We look at how you can use the 5 step process to manifest your desires and how I also give you a unique and revolutionary manifesting process designed to completely change you into the person that you wish to be. ​ ​ Session 4 - Overcoming Doubts During this session I ask a series of questions that allow us to discover what underlying fears and doubts remain. I then use science, psychology and your own evidence to dissipate any logic surrounding doubts and leave you confident in your abilities. I also refresh the hidden power information from session 1 and check to see how you're coping with the new disciplines. If there are any struggles with implementing the tools and disciplines that were given during the first few sessions. I use much of this session to measure your progression and discover what barriers you're facing in order to ensure that you you get back on track. ​ Session 5 - Habits, Environment and relationships. By session 5 all clients have reported manifesting positive changes within their lives as a direct result of the work that we have undertaken, although this often happens by session 2, by session 5 everyone has seen some positive changes manifest in their lives. This is not a guarantee just a common result, to get my manifestation guarantee you must book and complete 20 coaching sessions with me. During session 5, We look at your relationships and your environment and then begin to analyse how we can fine tune these areas to support you in achieving your goals and overcoming your issues. We will also examine what issues are being caused by old habits and relationships. I then give you new perspective and actionable tools that transform these areas into more beneficial and supportive structures that enhance your life. ​ The layout of the 5 sessions are not final and the content of all mind coaching sessions will be determined by what you wish to achieve or overcome. Kind Regards ​ Revolutionary Mind Coach - Manley Connikie

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Tous les appels, courriels et toute autre correspondance sont gardés 100% confidentiels et aucune information personnelle n'est enregistrée ou conservée dans un dossier. 

Ce que je promets : • Mon coaching est 100 % confidentiel et nos politiques sont conformes à la réglementation GDPR2018. • Mon coaching est prévenant, compatissant, encourageant et motivant. • Je ne juge pas et je suis prêt à aider toute personne avec n'importe quel passé, tant que vous avez le désir de changer. • Je ferai de mon mieux pour que vous obteniez les résultats souhaités. Dans le cadre de notre politique d'entreprise, nous nous efforçons de fournir un niveau d'excellence dans tout ce que nous faisons.

Ce que j'attends de vous : • Je peux vous donner la motivation, les outils et le soutien nécessaires pour vous aider à atteindre  ton but. Cependant, vous devez avoir envie de changer afin de tirer le meilleur parti de ces services. Cela ne convient pas à tout le monde, si vous êtes ouvert d'esprit et désireux d'apprendre, et que vous êtes prêt à mettre en œuvre les conseils et les instructions. Ensuite, vous pouvez réussir à obtenir les résultats que vous souhaitez, tout comme mes précédents clients l'ont mentionné dans les témoignages.

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