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I am a loving Father, Brother and Son and I manifested this app. It was my dream to have a place where dreams are real, and reality is secondary. As this is how I live in my imagination, and I wanted to invite other dreamers to have safe place to dream.

I dreamt of a social media without the bad news and negativity a place where all who know that imagining creates reality live and dream together.

If you’ve read my book then you understand that this app is our new reality, a collective consciousness if you will. This collective consciousness allows for us to create a reality with new paradigms and less parameters.

Many talks of the law of the universe with no understanding that we as a collective believe and define the laws and that the only reason for the existence of laws, is our continual belief and acceptance of them. This goes for both universal or systematic laws as all are the concepts of mind.

Therefore, when step outside we create a new reality with new laws.


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Manley Connikie

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