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We believe in our dream when we are being and living (be-living) that our dream is currently true!

If you don’t know how to believe in your dream then watch this free explainer video that I uploaded recently …

To keep believing you must continue in the feeling and actions of your wish being real. You just continue to think from a mindset of already having your wish fulfilled.

This is believing, you don’t have to believe every second of the day and you can still manifest your goal even if you’ve had doubts. As long as you continually return to the feeling and action that makes your dream a reality.

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Many who are into manifesting attempt to ignore this principle. However we ignore this principle at our own peril. It‘s very trendy to say get rid of negative people. Its commonly cool to say cut off everyone in your life who is not serving you.

What is less popularly known is that you cannot witness something in your world, that is not somewhere within you.

Do not simply cut off people without first asking yourself, where is the attitude and behaviour in me?

This is important not only for growth but in order to not continue having this lesson over and over again.

Many people cut off a negative partner and meet someone else with the same negative traits. Or change their best friend and find another friend with the same emotional issues.

The reason is what we see in people and events is only highlighting what is already within us.

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We often consider what “will be” when we refer to the time frame of our manifestation.

However ONE book readers will notice the double entendre in the sentence.

“Will” is also emotion and represents a strong desire and determination.

A strong Will is a mix of an internal emotion that is a desire and a firm decision and resolve.

As we know that feelings are the secret to manifesting this highlights that, what “will” be (how we are feeling) will be.

In other words what we are feeling now is creating what will be soon. Therefore whatever will be, will be!

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